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This is a blog for the amateur dub of Attack on Titan, led by Wallrose Project with the purpose of translating and retelling the anime in the English language. This is not intended for anything but free entertainment, and so we receive no profit in making this. This is not a professional endeavor. We don't strive to become "the one true dub", and so any dub already in the making is considered as accepted as ours.
We're currently holding auditions, head to the wanted list for more information.
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It says the deadline for Irwin is August 25, but he's still listed in "Wanted", he wasn't removed- was the deadline extended, or can we no longer audition for him at all?

The deadline has been extended, blog updates have been slow due to workload and we hope you’ll have understanding and patience with us. There wasn’t supposed to be a deadline mention for him on the wanted list after the latest cast update, but I’ll get to removing it right away.

I’ll get to new audition samples real soon — my job has left very little time so i need a day for working on that as well as our current VAs’ files. If we had more people helping out, it would really be beneficial to making everything proceed faster.

Could you make Hannah and Franz wanted characters? Also how active is everyone still?

The project is still active, the blog however is rarely updated due to stress and workload. There has been some radio silence between us and voice actors as well, so as of now we can’t pick up the pace.

Hannah and Franz won’t be available for public auditions, as they will either be handled by some of our current VAs, or auditioned for by request.

Three characters have been moved to the cast list.

Levi, Rico Brzenska and Mina Carolina can no longer be auditioned for and have been moved to the cast list. The people in question have been notified.

The issue has been resolved, and casting will be worked on today. Your patience has been incredibly valuable to us.

So what’s happened is that a lot of people have removed their files from soundcloud, making it very difficult to judge their samples. We’ve been trying to have the people in question get back to us rather than consider them automatically disqualified.

I was personally certain that we’d be able to move on regardless, by giving them some time and then focusing on the other samples if no response would be received, which I had intended to on the specified date. But it just so happens that there are samples we’d like to get ahold of again. (This doesn’t exclude the chances of any of the others.)

Due to this obstacle, I’m afraid I can’t make another promise regarding casting, so consider the current met deadlines extended until further notice and please excuse this terrible circumstance. Thankfully, we’re not in a hurry, but I’d rather not keep you lovely auditionees waiting.

Since there’s been so much work, Rico and Levi will be cast tomorrow along with Mina. We apologize for the delay!

We would like to hear from the cast people requested to send in their lines as well, there’s been a lot of radio silence. There’s no rush until we get ahold of a Hannes and Grisha, but we would like to have you ready.

I apologize for the delay in casting Rico Brzenska — her samples will be looked over soon.

A character has been moved to the cast list.

Reiner Braun can no longer be auditioned for and has been moved to the cast list. The person in question has been notified.

!Deadline Announcement!

You have until August 25 to audition for the voice of Irvin Smith!

!Deadline Announcement!

You have until August 24 to audition for the voice of Mina Carolina!